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Fart On Time 

Ooga the cave man seems to be a simple creature. If you feed him, he farts. If you give him something to drink, he burps! 

But there's more. He can delay his farts until the timer reaches zero. 
Set the timer, darken the screen and put the iPhone/iPod touch next to an unsuspecting victim. Then watch as Ooga releases his deadly charge... 

Fart On Time features a hilarious collection of 47 farting sounds and 22 burping samples.

On Fart On TIme you can use the device camera to replace Ooga, the cave man, with yourself or with your friends. By Pressing on camera button you can insert new face into the farting creature. 

Ooga the cave man - feed him or let him drink and he would know how to thank you 

Available for iPhone on 13 languages:

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